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Ceramic Coatings are a thin layer of glossy ceramic, with properties that will make keeping your vehicle's shine as easy as possible. Normal wax lasts 1-3 months, our ceramic coatings are suited and to last years.

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6 Reasons Why Ceramic Coatings Are Better Than Wax!

Reduces Light Scratches & Rust!

Chemically Bonds to Your Clear Coat Giving an Extra Layer of Protection!

Self Cleaning Properties!

High Gloss Shine, So It Will Look Newer Longer!

Oxidation Prevention

Reduce Bug Etchings, Bird Droppings, and Reduced Marring!

ceramic coating protects against


Our Professional Ceramic Coating Process

Our Professional Ceramic Coating Process


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Select Ceramic Coating Plan

Work with our ceramic coating expert to choose the right ceramic coating plan that works for you.


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Schedule Installation

Once you have selected the package that best works for your needs. We will work with you to schedule in your service!


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Coating Installation

Our master installers will perform your desired services and take great care of your vehicle. The average installation takes around 1-3 days.


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Pick Up Your Vehicle!

Your professionally ceramic coated vehicle will be ready for pick up around 1-3 days after we receive it. If we finish it early, we will call you and let you know!

Ceramic coating service in adrian michigan

I hAve a New Car, Should I get it ceramic coated?

Yes, brand new vehicles that just came off the lot will most likely need a light polish to remove light swirls. When cars are brought to a dealership, they'll often run them through an automatic car wash, leaving micro- scratches in the paint. Our paint correction removes these.


Once the paint is back to perfection, you should get your car ceramic coated to protect the paint of your new vehicle for years to come. So it'll always look like it just came off the showroom floor.

Ceramic coating service in adrian michigan

Customer Testimonials

Why Should You Trust Us?

Hi, my name is Devon Roberts, owner of Roberts Auto Detailing here in beautiful Adrian, MI.

Since 2020, I have made it my goal to bring this town a new type of automotive care that most people here are not used to. I saw an abundant amount of pop-up style car washes and “detail” shops that were run by untrustworthy individuals that were trying to make a quick buck and would end up disappearing after only a few months in business. 

I also noticed that these “detail” operations were all performing the same type of service for their clients, like the typical “in-n-out detail” or “wash n’ wax” but not really offering anything beyond that.

This made their biggest competitor the drive-through car wash and running their whole business off the mentality of working as fast as possible and being cheaper than the other guy.

This is no way to run a successful business and left a bad taste in my mouth, and everybody else in town. So we plan to change this vision.

Ceramic coating service in adrian michigan

"Awesome work. Very communicative, and the results are fantastic. I will be bringing other vehicles to Devon, and recommend him to everyone."

 - Terrance M.

1983 Ferrari 308

Ceramic coating service in adrian michigan

Very professional I would Definitely recommend this company.”

- Dan J.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ceramic coating service in adrian michigan

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