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Winter Preparation Advice For Your Vehicle

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Whether we want to admit it or not, Winter is just around the corner, and our vehicles (and bodies) are in for a cold weather shock! Below are a few tips to help you prepare your vehicle as we make our way into these colder temperatures.


Detailing Tips:

  • Skip the wax and get a sealant or a coating. Waxes won't do much at all. At a minimum you want a synthetic sealant on your paint vs a natural wax as any natural wax won't withstand the harsh climate. A ceramic coating would be the best option for paint protection for winter.

  • An entry-level, 12-18 month ceramic coating, is perfect for winter protection when looking for a shorter term option. Get it reapplied each year or opt for a professional grade one next time.

  • Glass coatings are going to be your best friend this time of the year. Ice will melt faster, water won't stick, and your windshield will stay clearer. Now, glass coatings aren't some miracle product that will magically melt ice upon contact, but you will notice a quicker defrost time, better snow and water repellency, and reduced glare when driving at night.

  • DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use the ice scraper or brush (even if rubber) on your vehicle's paintwork. That is one quick way to scratch up your paint!

  • Wash your vehicle regularly to keep the salt and road grime from building up. If you can't wash by hand indoors, touch-less washes are great for this time of year. Be sure to spray the undercarriage as well! (Do not use the provided brushes on your paint)

  • Visit your detailer right before winter and right afterwards! This way you can make sure everything is prepped properly and inspected and cleaned up afterwards.


Our recommended winter prep services:


Visit for more information on detailing services and winter protection options.


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