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2019 Cadillac Escalade

Services Disclaimer

All prices are “Starting at” with final price given upon inspection of the vehicle.


Want to maximize your dollar with Roberts Auto Detailing? 


We recommend that you have your vehicle washed or cleaned prior to your appointment. Yes you read that right! That way you can pay us for what we do best which is professional detailing, not car washing. The fact of the matter is that any top layer of crud, both inside and out will have to be removed first before any real detailing can begin. This is not required but just a suggestion. Most people appreciate the concern we take on advising you how to get the most for your money. Just one more way we strive to increase our value as a company!


Not all cars are created equal and one persons idea of “dirty” may be very different than another. Likewise, one persons idea of “detailing” may be a simple wash and vacuum while another may view it as meticulously cleaning a car to restore the vehicle back to new by whatever means possible.The prices listed are starting prices. Additional charges may be incurred for especially dirty/soiled vehicles.

Additional things to consider that may effect the price:


  • Excessive pet hair

  • Cigarette Smoker

  • Heavy headliner cleaning

  • Excessive Dirt

  • Convertible Cars

  • Vehicles more than 10 years old

  • Custom Tailored Services

Always remember to CALL with any questions you may have! 517-403-4231

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